viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012

Sailing off

Ink and watercolor on paper, 20 Dec 1973

 This blog will be kind of a gallery and a window to those deep worlds found off the calm shores of triviality, and some thoughts that came along in the process. I hope you may enjoy the trip as much as I do.

 It's now 39 years since I made my first color painting, shown above. I discovered then the magic of ink and color combined with water and paper. I dedicated much of my time to explore these elements, while I also discovered on the way new inner worlds and ways to express them.

 All the early paintings were actually sketches for future projects that never came to existence. Doing "Creation" I became fascinated how the ink spread itself through water and wet paper. I still do, and it's the basis for most of my graphic experiments.

 I experimented here with two ink colors, blue and red, drawing with a nib on wet paper. The blue clouds were writing blue ink spread with a larger brush (not very smartly, indeed, but at this early stage I didn't really care). Completed with yellow and red watercolor.

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