lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012


Watercolor and acrylics on paper, 15 Jun 2006

  Science has found that living creatures have the ability to create order and move away from the natural, entropic tendency towards thermodynamic stability, which is death. This is a neguentropic property, opposite to the entropic properties of the non-living matter. There's a thin line between living beings and non-living matter. We don't know yet what is the secret of life, what makes us be alive, and why a rock is not. Whatever the difference, there is a fragile border for living beings: once trespassed there's no way back.

  I wanted to express how fragile we are, how fragile life is in general. A filament of genetic material is about to break. That can be the difference between living and non-living.

  I reserved a band of blank paper with masking tape. I painted the four classic elements, Fire and Earth on the bottom, Water and Air on the top. That's the non-living matter. In the central band the DNA filament struggles for survival. The rainbow colors symbolize the ability of Life to adapt and transform itself. Effects are made by dropping water or other colors on the first color layer.

Listen & watch here "Fragile", by Sting

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